Get Your Tech List Done Monthly Pause Services Agreement

Originally inputted on December 28, 2023.  Any changes from this date will be italicized with a statement notating the date updated.

In acknowledgment of the mutual commitments outlined, Mountain Cane Media, and the ‘Client’ are bound by the following terms of this service agreement. The ‘Client’ is identified as the individual or entity named in the payment form associated with this Agreement. Submission of the payment form signifies the Client’s acceptance of all terms and conditions herein.

This Agreement encapsulates the full understanding between Mountain Cane Media and the Client regarding these services.

  1. Eligibility: Clients may be eligible to pause their subscription after the initial three-month commitment period. The pause feature is intended for temporary suspension of services and not for intermittent use.

  2. Notification Period: Clients must request a pause in their service at least 7 business days before their next billing cycle begins to avoid charges for the next month.

  3. Pause Duration: The service can be paused for a minimum of one month and a maximum of 6 months. 

  4. Monthly Fee: A nominal monthly fee of $19 will be charged to maintain the account during the pause. This fee covers the preservation of the client’s data and settings and ensures a smooth reactivation. After the sixth payment, your subscription will be canceled and if you would like to rejoin, you will have to sign up at the current rate. 

  5. Reactivation: Clients must notify Mountain Cane Media at least 7 business days before they wish to resume services to ensure a seamless transition back to active status. 

  6. Service Changes: During the pause, the client will not have access to the regular service features, including tech support, and any ongoing projects will be on hold.

  7. Account Standing: Clients must be in good standing with no outstanding balances to be eligible for the pause feature.

  8. Changes to Subscription: Upon reactivation, clients will resume the same subscription tier and rate unless they notify Mountain Cane Media about a change in their plan. Any changes to plans or pricing during the pause will be communicated and applied upon reactivation, if applicable.

  9. Limitation on Use: The pause option can only be utilized once every 6 months to prevent abuse of the service flexibility.

  10. Communication: All requests for pausing or reactivating the service must be made through official channels provided by Mountain Cane Media, such as the client portal or direct contact with customer service.

  11. Amendments to Terms: Mountain Cane Media reserves the right to modify the pause terms and conditions. Clients will be notified of any changes in a timely manner.

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