3 Month Content Strategy

We also call this package our “Purposeful Content Repurposing” package.
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Stop spending precious time creating content for content’s sake. Instead, focus on generating convertible content that serves your current and future goals. This package offers you a structured approach to content creation and performance tracking.

We’ll help you:

Organize and Repurpose Content: We’ll create a searchable content bank from your past assets, providing endless repurposing opportunities. This smart move will save you time and optimize your existing intellectual capital.

Craft a 3-Month Content Strategy: Based on your strategic blueprint and sales goals, we’ll develop a content plan tailored to your visibility and product/service targets.

Provide You Ready-to-Use Content Materials: Expect expertly written captions, 24 customizable graphic templates for your brand, posting instructions, and a customized hashtag strategy.

Offer a Detailed Guide: We’ll provide a comprehensive guide with proven methods for scheduling and engagement, alongside hashtag strategies.

Delivered in Your Preferred Project Management System: Receive your well-structured content strategy in a platform you’re comfortable with, whether it’s ClickUp, Asana, Trello, or AirTable.

This package does not include revision rounds, scheduling, analytics, or engagement.

With this package, you’ll have 60 pieces of content, designed for five posts per week over 12 weeks for your Instagram grid. However, you have the flexibility to schedule them as per your needs. This package is all about maximizing your content’s impact while minimizing your time investment.

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$ 1500

Project Includes

  • 3 Lessons