Purposeful Content Repurposing

Creating engaging and meaningful content for your target audience will help incentivize them to buy your products or services. But creating content that inspires, moves, and educates takes time. If you’re already busy running a business, it’s hard to find the extra hours available in your day to devote to social media updates. Don’t let this be a burden but rather a decision you make regarding outsourcing.

You can have an Instagram feed that will enrich your brand story, build community and convert customers with a carefully curated, strategic selection of 60 posts. Your one-time delivery includes thoughtfully selected images and expertly crafted captions to guide you in building trust and loyalty amongst your followers.

Upon purchase, you can expect:

  • Discovery Questionnaire
  • 30 min introductory & strategy call
  • Submit your brand and personal photos
  • 3-week turnaround
  • Expertly crafted caption and graphics in alignment with your service offerings
  • Posting instructions
  • Customized hashtag strategy
  • A guide with detailed instructions and proven methods for scheduling, engagement, and hashtags

    This purchase does not include revision rounds, scheduling, analytics, or engagement.

We have designed this package to include 5 posts to your Instagram Grid per week for a total of 12 weeks. However, you are free to schedule them as frequently or as spaced out as needed.

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$ 1,200

Project Includes

  • 6 Lessons