90-Day Strategic Marketing Intensive

It may seem obvious, but setting clear goals is extremely important for business success. The faster you make decisions and act on them, the sooner you can achieve results that directly correlate to your business objectives.

The 90-day rule of marketing is the idea that whatever you do leads to an outcome of some sort – good or bad – in three months’ time. By setting clear goals now that have a direct relationship between your business objectives and achievement deadlines, your 90-day strategy will help you prioritize tasks and keep you on target for results.

Envision your business’s transformation and where you could be in 90 days if you take action now.

Learn about the process and how we work together during the 90-Day Strategic Marketing Intensive here.

*Our marketing intensive will conclude with a proposal of things we can implement and execute for you, and recommendations/connections to those in our network as needed. This intensive is a pre-requisite to Fractional CMO retainer work.

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$ 1,500