You’re Amazing at What You Do. But the tech? Not so much.

You know automation and funnels could make your life easier, and that the right online marketing tools could turn your audience into raving fans (and repeat customers). But let’s be real: figuring out the tech can be overwhelming, confusing, and downright soul-sucking.

If any of these sound familiar, I’m here to help:

  • Got a lead magnet but need an opt-in and email campaign?
  • Planning a launch and need technical support?
  • Want to set up funnels but don’t know how to integrate everything?
  • Ready to dive into automation, email lists, and CRM but don’t know where to start?
  • Need a system for consistent lead follow-up? (Because you know that’s where the money is)
  • Struggling with haphazard and disorganized email contact segmentation?
  • Created an online course but the tech setup is a roadblock?
  • Tired of being the bottleneck in your business and want things to run without you?

What if you could skip the tech headache and jump straight to success?

That’s where I come in. I’ll break down your tech needs into simple, manageable steps and – even better – I’ll implement it for you. You won’t have to lift a finger.

Here’s how your “Get Your Tech List Done” session works:

We Strategize:

Let’s kick off with a virtual sit-down to pinpoint the exact tasks I’ll tackle for you. I’ll conduct a thorough analysis of your specific challenges, needs, existing processes, and tech stack. Together, we’ll prioritize the tasks and outline project timelines. Then I’ll design a custom tech setup tailored to your needs, investigate any required software, and obtain your approval for the budget for any new tools.

The initial discovery session comes with a non-refundable fee of $250.

I Get to Work:

Once we’ve mapped out your needs, you’ll receive a detailed quote for approval. As soon as we’re aligned, I’ll dive into the tech work so you can focus on what you do best. I’ll implement and test the entire solution, and conduct thorough testing to make sure everything operates seamlessly.

You Get Results:

Our service is time-based, focusing on a dedicated 7-hour work block rather than guaranteeing specific deliverables. During this period, we strategically tackle as many items on your tech to-do list as possible, always prioritizing for maximum impact and value for your business.

Need ideas? Here are just a few of the things I can help with:

Email Campaigns and Funnels:

I’ll help you set up lead captures, deliver lead magnets, and create tripwire offers. Whether you need large or small email campaigns, I’ll craft tailored strategies with welcome sequences, quiz sequences, and nurture sequences.

Automated Client Onboarding:

Experience a seamless onboarding process with automated welcome sequences, appointment bookings, client follow-ups, quotes, and invoicing.

Automated Operations:

Streamline your operations with automated task assignments, project tracking, and follow-ups.

CRM & Email List Optimization:

Maximize your customer data with an optimized CRM system and organized, segmented email lists for targeted interactions.

Online Course Setup:

Get your online course up and running with a set-up platform, uploaded modules and worksheets, and integrated tech.

Trigger/Action Workflows:

Enhance your operations with trigger/action workflows in platforms like Zapier, Integrately, Pabbly Connect, or Make.

Custom Requests:

Share your unique tech vision, and together, we’ll make it happen.

Ready to say goodbye to tech headaches and hello to business success?

Get Your Tech List Done

You want this done and dusted…like yesterday. Let me help you bring order to the chaos with strategy and tech implementation. Let’s turn your big ideas into automated systems that drive your business forward. Get started with your initial tech discovery at the checkout and I will explore how to optimize tech and automation for you.

You’re one step away from tech bliss.

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