Get Your Tech List Done VIP

Customized Tech Mastery in Just 7 Hours

Imagine getting your tech priorities sorted in just 7 hours. We can effectively use our time to tackle your most pressing tech needs. We’ll dive into your tech task list, prioritizing the most impactful actions.

Here’s the Plan

Focused Strategy Session: Starting with a virtual call, we’ll explore your tech needs and challenges, identifying and prioritizing critical tasks.

Hands-On Implementation: Whether it’s email campaigns, automation, or CRM optimization, we focus on impactful tasks to maximize efficiency.

Results-Driven Approach: Every action is chosen for its effectiveness, aiming for maximum impact with minimum fuss.

Timeline for Your Transformation Journey:

Initial Consultation Call: Begins with an in-depth discussion of your business needs and challenges.

Schedule Your VIP Session: Set for 3 weeks after our initial call, allowing ample preparation time. Need it sooner? If pre-work is complete and my schedule allows, we can fast-track the session.

Your VIP Session: 7 dedicated hours to tackling your tech and marketing tasks head-on. These 7 hours can be spread across 1-3 days, ensuring a focused yet flexible approach to revamp your tech setup effectively.

30 Days of Follow-Up Support: Ensuring smooth implementation and resolution of any subsequent questions.

What We Can Achieve

From streamlining email campaigns to setting up onboarding processes and organizing your CRM, we target areas that propel your business forward. This collaborative effort ensures solutions align perfectly with your business vision.

Service Highlights

Interactive Copywriting: Tailored content for engaging your target audience.

Email Marketing Support: Comprehensive strategy and setup for effective campaigns.

Website Support: Enhancements to improve user experience and design.

Collaborative Landing Page Creation: Transforming concepts into high-converting pages.

eCommerce Expertise: Ensuring seamless functionality across platforms.

Tech/Automation Support: Streamlining systems to boost efficiency and interaction.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What types of technology and systems can you help with?
A: I specialize in a wide range of technologies including CRM systems, email marketing platforms, automation tools, online course setup, and more. See the list here.

Q: What if my project requires more than 7 hours?
A: The 7-hour session is meticulously planned to address your immediate tech needs. However, if your project demands more time for completion or ongoing support, consider our ‘Get Your Tech List Done’ Monthly Package. This option allows us to extend our collaboration with a structured, ongoing approach, ensuring all your tech needs are consistently and thoroughly met.

Q: How do you prioritize tasks in our session?
A: During our initial strategy call, we’ll discuss your business objectives and tech challenges. Based on this, we’ll prioritize tasks that offer the highest impact and align closely with your immediate business goals.

Q: Can you provide ongoing tech support after the initial 7-hour session?
A: Absolutely! I offer 30 days of email support to ensure everything is running smoothly and address any additional questions you may have.

Q: Is there any preparation required from my side before the session?
A: Yes, it’s crucial that any pre-work and access to necessary systems or software are completed beforehand to ensure the session runs smoothly. If these prerequisites are not met, we may need to reschedule.

Q: Do I need to be available during the VIP session?
A: While you don’t need to be on a virtual call during the entire VIP session, it’s important that you’re reachable. We may need to quickly connect via our designated messenger platform for any clarifications or decisions. This ensures the session runs smoothly and that I can effectively address your specific tech needs without delay.

Q: How can I inquire about getting started with you?
A: Booking is easy! Simply visit the link!

Meet Alexis

I’m passionate about helping clients focus on their creative pursuits by confidently handling technical complexities. Through thorough tech audits, I tailor software solutions to meet specific needs, ensuring alignment with your objectives. Amidst the digital upheavals facing creative industries, I offer strategic mentorship, leveraging a range of digital tools to enhance efficiency and keep your business competitive.

Investment Details

Initial Deposit: $750 to book and prepare for your session.

Final Payment: $750 due the day before your session.

Total Investment: $1500, encompassing the consultation, VIP day, pre-session analysis, and post-session support.

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